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FSN Field Guide

Found Sound Nation’s creative collaboration and exchange work can be broken down into five pillars of practice, which are described below: 


  • Music as Social Practice: Creating music as an expression of our full humanity, to lift people up, bring people together, and to tell our own stories and histories

  • Innovation and Creation: Developing new platforms and ways to collaborate with one another meaningfully through sound making

  • Storytelling + Documentation: Presenting our stories and personal histories through sound as media, including video, audio, writing, photo, web, and more.

  • Creative Collaboration + Deep Listening: Incorporating different worldviews, backgrounds, and experiences into a collaborative creation process through deep listening, patience, and understanding

  • Global and Cross-border Collaboration: Learning about societies outside of one's own; using sound and music as a way to shape and share personal & cultural experience and societal issues

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