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| all-ages folk and children's music from east asia |

Picking Flowers (采花)

I really loved making this album in New York City because I could bring together great musicians from so many different backgrounds. One group that I met along my journey is the EastRiver Ensemble from Manhattan’s Chinatown, led by Julie Tay. Four members of the group came together to record this song. In Picking Flowers, you will hear a yangqin (chinese dulcimer), dizi (Chinese flute), pipa, and zhongruan (chinese plucked string instrument). Ms. Tay joined the group on Chinese percussion. This is a moving performance of a song about flowers as they appear in different seasons. Le Zhang sings in Mandarin.







Le Zhang, vocals

Xiao Xiannian, yangqin

Guo Zhaoshun, pipa, zhongruan

Zhang Qinghua, dizi

Julie Tay, chinese percussion

Isabel Castellvi, cello

Elena, mandolin, vocals

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