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| all-ages folk and children's music from east asia |

Poong Nyun Ga  (풍년가)

Poong Nyun Ga, loosely translated as "Song of Rich Harvest," celebrates past fortune or wishes for an upcoming year of abundance -- whether it be plentiful grains in the harvest or overall good luck. We gathered a joyous crowd to sing and play on this one, led by an incredible group of students (aged 13-16) from the Korean Traditional Marching Band of New York based in Flushing, Queens, and their instructor, Chunseung Lee. These talented young students are drumming and singing in the traditional Korean style. Yoon Sun Choi and Dan Zanes also chime in. Gamin joins us on piri, a traditional Korean double reed instrument made of bamboo.







Chunseung Lee, Johyun Kim, Taewoo Kim, Jaehun Kim, Rebecca Kim, Kevin Choi, Korean Traditional Marching Band, vocals 

Gamin, piri

John Foti, accordion

Shane Endsley, trumpet

Dan Zanes, vocals

Yoon Sun Choi, group vocals

Elena, mandolin, vocals, trumpet

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